RTM at the Baptist Peace Fellowship, Atlanta

RTM's Daniel Hannah and Oregon Indymedia activist Amy Dalton are presenting a workshop on critical media literacy and media activism at the Baptist Peace Fellowship summer conference in Atlanta, July 10-15. Here's the official description:

Media for the Peace & Justice Movement: from distortion to connection

Daniel Hannah and Amy L. Dalton will present a workshop on the role of media in peace and justice organizing, with special attention to how churches in North America can use media activist strategies in their faith communities. Participants will be introduced to a critical analysis of the mainstream media landscape in North America, including an examination of media as a business, the role of advertising and public relations in the media, and the invisible political assumptions that frame most media we consume. We will then look at how social justice movements are responding to this reality through media reform advocacy and grassroots media mobilization. We will close with a dialog about how churches in particular can employ these strategies such as teaching media literacy, making DIY media, advocating for media reform, and strategically engaging the mainstream media within faith communities.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey