Rick Larsen's opposition to net neutrality

Our friend Mike Weisman looks at Congressman Rick Larsen's opposition to Net Neutrality:

It’s a surprise Larsen would sell out to the telco/cableco sock puppets. His district used to have dozens of independent ISPs. Now, there are nearly none, and the nascent high-tech industry that was developing in this beautiful area of Washington State is gone. Larsen’s district suffers from lack of high-speed Internet service; I know because I’ve met with the leaders in the area. Lack of quality Internet has hampered job creation and made it impossible to create or relocate the kind of jobs that would permit young people to remain in the area. And the few success stories (Bellingham’s fiber to the industrial park project, San Juan County’s decision to build it themselves) are public efforts to get around the tail-dragging, dishonest, manipulative telcos. Thanks Rick Larsen, you outed yourself as a telco sock puppet.

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