Re-tooling RTM and expanding media justice in the Northwest

Dear RTM allies and supporters: On the heels of some important organizing successes and economic challenges, Reclaim the Media is restructuring a bit in order to make sure we can continue to lead the Northwest in the continuing struggle for fair media and an open Internet. We hope that we can count on your support, and we ask you to consider becoming a sustaining member of RTM today.

This year so far, Reclaim the Media members and community partners came out strong for digital justice and media democracy, making strong impacts in Seattle and nationwide. Reflecting on our momentum as we head into the fall, it's time for us to re-imagine what's now possible in the struggle for more responsible media; to refocus on next steps towards universal, affordable broadband; and to recommit ourselves to the struggle for a real communications democracy.

Our great work this year has included community actions on protecting net neutrality and an open Internet; on racism in local and national media; on creative journalism and media literacy; and on intersectional movement-building for media justice.

Supporting our work

Some of this work was funded, but most of it was not. Instead, we have relied on support from volunteers and local partner organizations committed to working together for media justice, and, of course, the sustaining contributions of our members.

That support is now more important than ever. For the past two years, we have been able to support a full-time executive director as well as temporary and part-time staff. This capacity has allowed us to provide effective leadership on media policy issues, to broaden our regional base of media justice supporters, and to help develop a next generation of leaders. Now, changes in our economic landscape are making it difficult for us to sustain that level of infrastructure.

Re-imagining, Refocusing, Recommitting to Media Justice

Accordingly, Reclaim the Media will spend the next few months going back to our roots, asking our grassroots supporting members, our community allies and our neighbors to help us re-imagine, refocus, and recommit; and I will be transitioning from the Executive Directorship into a new role in order to lead this project. What should come next for media justice in Seattle and the Northwest? What kind of leadership is needed on media and technology issues? We'll be engaging different segments of our community as part of this media justice assessment, including social justice organizations, journalists and new media innovators,

We get our most important support from our members, grassroots supporters and community partners. During this process, we're looking forward to working more closely with you to help determine Reclaim the Media's priorities for the next year. We'll be holding a series of media-focused events, interviews and small-group conversations in which we'll be giving you the opportunity to help determine Reclaim the Media's next strategic directions.

We're looking forward to renewing our close connection with our grassroots members, as we replace foundation grants with individual sustaining contributions. We need your support and your collaboration, because our work is not done:

• We must help communities respond effectively when attacked by right-wing media.
• We need broadband for the people—fair and affordable access for everyone.
• We must expand low-power community radio, so all communities can gain access to the public airwaves.

Media, Meet Justice

We're kicking off our fall season on October 20 with a special community event: "Media, Meet Justice." RTM members and allies from our local Media Action Grassroots Network (NW MAG-Net) coalition will reflect on what we learned at the recent Allied Media Conference and US Social Forum in Detroit, and begin making plans for our next years of creative activism and organizing for media justice. Together, we can transform our media, and protect our democracy!

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey