Reclaiming the media - a job too big for one organization

We usually get a warm feeling when international media critics, writers, activists or organizers take up the "Reclaim the Media" meme independently from us, whether it appears in the titles of books or articles, as an Indymedia slogan (below) or as graffiti in Rome. So we'd like to say a big hello to the folks at the Linke Medienakademie (Left Media Academy) in Berlin, who are using the phrase as a tagline for their multi-day mediamakers' conference Netzte Knüpfen (creating networks).

The conference takes place March 6-8, and brings together media producers, academics and social media organizers. Topics include nuts-and-bolts grassroots media production training, ad-busting, organizing against anti-semitism and the far right, and Chomsky-style media analysis (including a screening of Mark Achbar's wonderful film Manufacturing Consent). Coincidentally, the speakers list includes our friend Zack Exley, an online activism expert who has written about the Obama campaign and worked on a number of successful online campaigns. Reclaim the Media is the conference's day for youth media makers.

Reclaiming the media????

Don't know how I got here, but was intrigued by the heading.
I'm not a political ideologue such as you folks or the Democrat/Republican party et al; I can actually think intelligently for myself instead of spewing forth "Party Mantra"

Just whom are you trying to reclaim the media from?
Looking at your website, it appears that you folks lean to the Democrat, possibly socialist/communist party with all the references to "democracy", which as we all know, is socialism/oligarchy in sheep’s clothing.

That being the case, the DNC "owns and operates" 95% of the U.S. media already. Starting with the major TV newscasts, PBS newscasts, documentaries, daytime and late night talk shows, children’s shows, educational channels, etc.
Combine this with every sitcom/action series, i.e. CSI, House, Grays Anatomy, which in every episode there is some reference to the DNC Mantra/Talking Points (one House episode even showed an Obama election poster in a restroom scene). Not to mention the so called "Reality" shows that are for people with brains of mush, and not capable of a cognitive thought anyhow.

So the only thing I see that might have unchartered waters (?) for the DNC, is talk radio, which is a joke anyhow. Who listens to AM radio, cavemen? (Try - it's GREAT!) From what I've read, it's not that the DNC hasn't tried to capture talk radio as well, they just haven't been successful, for whatever reason.

So, again, who are you trying to reclaim the media from, the DNC?


For the record: I didn't work for the Obama campaign. I just wrote about it.

Thanks - corrected.

Thanks - corrected.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey