Open internet is crucial for the survival of alternative media: Jerome Edge

"I just wanted to stress, from my standpoint as a community broadcaster, why I feel things like free and open internet and independent sources of communication, be it community radio, are incredibly important... What would happen is that you’d have members of our community that would come out and pour their hearts out about how upset they were about [Glenn Beck receiving the key to Mount Vernon, WA]. How they pleaded and begged with the Mayor of Mount Vernon not to go through with this. But do you think these mainstream media outlets showed this information? They didn’t. Unfortunately, what happened in this mainstream media circus is that our community was painted in a light that 95% of the people who live there don’t really agree with. At the station, we heard from people all around the world that wanted to know what’s going on, what’re you guys thinking, in Mount Vernon and due to those really smart people who found us through internet searches.... The people who took the time to look through and see those alternative sources of information were able to be enlightened and informed about what was really up with what we call home.”

--Jerome Edge, host and producer of Massive Mix Session on KSVR in Mt. Vernon, WA, speaking to the FCC about preserving a fair and open Internet, Seattle 27 April 2010

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey