One Web Day Seattle: digital justice and the power of free

Tuesday, Sept 22nd is One Web Day, a global celebration of life online. Seattle Net Tuesday, in partnership with Knowledge As Power and Reclaim the Media, is making the day all about Free!

We are excited to have a slate of speakers who will tell us about the Power of Free -- how providing technical tools for free expands our economies and creates more collaboration, so that together we can do more. There are many online services that nonprofits can use for little or no charge -- Seattle Net Tuesday is excited to present stories from providers and users to tell us what the tools are, how to access them, and how organizations use them.

A short program on the power of free! will launch an evening of productive networking on how Seattle nonprofits, technologists and community organizers can work together for social justice. Speakers include:

Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media/Seattle Digital Justice Coalition) will talk about broadband stimulus and the prospects for public-owned fiber broadband in Seattle neighborhoods.

Ken Polson (Microsoft Office Live) will talk about exciting new products that are available to nonprofit orgs for free, including Office Live Workspace.

For more information and updates, or to RSVP, visit Seattle Net Tuesday. Also, join the Seattle Digital Justice Coalition on Facebook!

Doors open at 6pm at the Sole Repair Shop at 1101 E Pike Street on Capitol Hill. There's a cash bar, speakers start at 7pm and we'll wrap up the presentations with Q&A by 8pm, after which the night's still young and you would have just made some great new friends to enjoy the rest of Tuesday evening with.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey