McGinn to keep Schrier in place as tech chief

In an expected move, Seattle Mayor-elect Mike McGinn will keep Bill Schrier in place as Chief Information Officer when he takes office next month. Schrier's office has been working for months on plans to seek federal stimulus funds for broadband/smart grid deployment, work which should only speed up under a McGinn administration. Todd Bishop at TechFlash writes:

As for other goals in 2010, Schrier pointed out that one plank in McGinn's platform is the improvement of broadband infrastructure in the city's neighborhoods. He said he expects the city to apply for federal stimulus money in the first part of the year to move toward that goal. In addition to improving broadband access in homes, the initiative could help Seattle City Light implement smart-grid infrastructure, and improve public safety communications.


I hope that using the stimulus money helps the area in their broadband quest. Everyone should have the opportunity to have it but I also hope that security measures are taken so that privacy is not interfered with. casino online

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