National Media Reform Conference, take 2

May 13-15 is the date, St. Louis the place for the second National Conference on Media Reform, organized by Free Press. Three days of workshops, panel discussions, inspiring keynotes and informal strategizing will cover a host of topics, including info on upcoming legislative battles, media literacy and critical tools, and information on how to build local campaigns on behalf of independent media and media accountability. Details on the draft schedule.

Northwest folks on the presenters list include Reclaim the Media's Susan Gleason, Jonathan Lawson and Karen Toering, Seattle Times publisher Frank Blethen, Vancouver-based media scholar Bob Hackett (Simon Fraser University), Tim Walker of Adbusters, and David Olson, cable communications director for the city of Portland.

Speaking of northwest folks, let's meet in St. Louis! If you're going to St. Louis and you're from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, BC or Alaska, download this NW delegate sticker and attach it to your conference badge so we can greet each other in the halls and make plans to continue reclaiming the media.

Unable to do the DIY sticker thing? Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to RTM, P.O. Box 22754 Seattle, WA 98122-0754 by May 1 and we'll mail you back a sticker.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey