Media Shoutout: Up with community radio, down with media mad haters

The Media Shoutout is a new periodical update on recent Reclaim the Media projects, including our Mad Haters protest against Glenn Beck's hate speech, and an exciting milestone in our campaign to expand LPFM community radio.

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Community Radio Moves Forward

Yesterday morning, the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted unanimously in favor of the Local Community Radio Act--bringing us one step closer to the national expansion of Low Power FM community radio! Reclaim the Media, the Prometheus Radio Project and other organizations have been working for years to bring community radio to more rural communities and cities across the US, and we've never gotten this far before. In the next few days we'll send more information on what you can do to help create hundreds more great local community radio stations like Spokane, WA's KYRS, Woodburn, OR's KPCN and Moscow, ID's KRFP.

Washington Says NO to Mad Haters

When Fox News' Glenn Beck and other extreme right-wing pundits succeeded in their campaign to oust Van Jones from his government position as green jobs advisor, Reclaim the Media and others called it a media lynching--a racist attack intended to enflame racism and to intimidate other progressive public officials. Adding insult to injury, the Mayor of Mt. Vernon, WA decided to give Beck the key to the city in a Sept. 26 ceremony—over the unanimous objections of the city council—instantly dividing the small community, and sparking what may have been the largest protest (800-900 people) in Mt. Vernon history.

Reclaim the Media supported the local protest by labeling Beck a "Mad Hater" – calling him out for serving up media lies, hatred and fear, and calling attention to Fox News' deceptive and partisan promotions of so-called "tea party" rallies against health care reform. Click here for more on the Mt. Vernon event (including video and photos of our Mad Hater puppet), and here for more media coverage, helping ensure that media coverage of Beck's visit identified him and his Fox News program as a source of hate, disinformation and division. Many thanks are due to the Backbone Campaign for helping us design and build puppets, to community organizer Lulu Carpenter, and to the individual donors who helped make our rapid response possible.

Listen Up! Northwest

This week on RTM's regional public affairs radio show: The Slave Next Door, featuring Kevin Bales interviewed by KBOO's Linda Olson Osterlund. Listen Up! Northwest airs on 15 stations in Alaska, BC, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Northern California. Subscribe to the podcast and visit the site for more information!

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