Local communities need an open Internet: Dennis Lane

"We are rapidly approaching a second dark age. The first was brought about in the 14th century when monasteries sequestered information. Internet companies are now doing the same. As communities, we need to have our voices. A voiceless community can become a violent one, when people feel they're not being heard. As a former bar owner, I know! As it stand now in most places, the industry is coming together with only a couple of broadband players--not enough diversity. We need community broadcasting, we need policies that encourage new last mile entities at the local level. With such policies, we will see innovation increasing, and local communications. We know that the big guys will always have their share of the marketplace. But without diversity, innovation will be wasted. There will remain a lot of hopelessness within local communities. So don't put us on that path."

-- Dennis Lane, Whatcom Community Television, speaking to the FCC on preserving a fair and open Internet, Seattle, 27 April 2010.

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