Journalism That Matters Seattle!

Journalism That Matters has concluded in Seattle: a forward-looking unconference on the theme: Re-Imagining News and Community in the Pacific Northwest. The 4-day event is the latest and largest in an ongoing series of meetings about the future of quality journalism, bringing together journalists, bloggers, editors, media activists, broadcasters, community media practictioners, educators and community leaders (attendees list here).

The conference kicked off Thursday evening with a session featuring "catalysts" former Mayor Norman Rice, Tracy Record (West Seattle Blog), and creative photojournalist Chris Jordan, reflecting on developing new information sources, economic solutions and accountability models that can revitalize journalism for a society grounded in social networking and civic engagement.

Conference registration capped at over 200 attendees. Details of the conference proceedings (including audio and video, tweets (#jtmpnw), photos and session notes) are archived here.


It is true that journalism should get used to new trends

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