It seems we've got issues with the media

YES! Magazine and Clamor are both devoting their March/April issues to media activism. In a strange but happy coincidence, both issues devote their covers to Democracy Now! cohost Amy Goodman. She does seem to get around! Both issues feature Reclaim the Media's work in oblique ways: RTM co-director Susan Gleason is also marketing and outreach manager for YES!; and RTM's Jonathan Lawson has articles in both issues - a brief profile of activist filmmaker DeeDee Halleck in YES! and an article on Fixing Radio in Clamor. This month, Clamor also recognizes Reclaim the Media with a "Golden Soapbox" award for best media literacy/activism organization, along with the Action Coalition for Media Education and our friends at the Prometheus Radio Project.

The new issue of YES! features two articles by Dirk Koning, founder and director of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center. Dirk's unexpected death this month was tragic news for media makers and activists across the country who have been inspired by the amazing work Dirk has done in Grand Rapids over the years.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey