Global Justice Forward! 1999-2009 People's Summit

People's Summit: Nov 27-29, Seattle. An evening with Amy Goodman kicks off a weekend of workshops, strategizing and plenary discussions on global justice.

Nov. 30 will mark ten years since the World Trade Organization met in Seattle, amidst the epoch-making street protests that shut it down and focused the eyes of the world on the massive injustice of corporate globalization and "free trade" policies. Ten years later, the WTO is still at it; on the 30th itself the organization is hosting a "restart" meeting in Geneva--one week before the UN launches a climate change conference in Copenhagen. These are uncertain times and much remains at stake.

Help commemorate Seattle+10 at the People's Summit, dedicated to re-engaging in grassroots organizing for economic justice, human rights, peace, and environmental sustainability. Help reclaim and amplify our voices with a shared vision for a healthy planet and people. Let’s harness the spirit of the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle with a renewed commitment to move global justice forward!

Events start Friday, Nov 27 with Amy Goodman (a benefit for KBCS co-presented by Reclaim the Media), followed by two days of plenaries, workshops and a cross-sector strategy session, held at Seattle University, New Hope Baptist Church and Town Hall. Visit for a full list of speakers, plenaries, and workshops!

Here are a few selected workshops to watch out for:

Grassroots Media and Global Justice
presented by Reclaim the Media with Riseup Networks
The tenth anniversary of the Seattle WTO is also the tenth anniversary of the founding of Indymedia—now an international network of grassroots media outlets, covering and supporting struggles for democracy and justice. This panel discussion will look at both the last ten years and the next ten years of grassroots electronic media; its successes, its misadventures, and its connections to global justice movements, communications policy battles, and the economic challenges facing all forms of journalism. Panelists include DeeDee Halleck (Deep Dish TV, New York), Norm Stockwell (WORT-FM, Madison) and Myoung-Joon Kim (MediAct, Seoul); moderated by Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media).

Art and Activism: Being a Cultural Worker
presented by Pinay sa Seattle

WTO was a time that people utilized arts and culture to protest injustice. Within this workshop, we will discuss how we can reclaim and create art for the masses, so that it is accessible to marginalized communities and consituencies. This time will be used to critique popular culture and how it can be used to be subversive. We will define what a "Cultural Worker" is from a radical Filipina immigrant perspective, so that we can (re)define culture and its purpose. Within this workshop, we will show examples of various art forms from local to international of cultural work being used to create and envision movement and justice. Pinay sa Seattle is a member of GABRIELA-USA & BAYAN-USA and is known for their work within the Filipino, Asian/Pacific Islander, progressive, and LGBTIQ Communities. Discussion leaders include Luzvimidna U. Carpenter, Katrina Pestano, and Donna Denina

Cross Cultural Alliances & Activism
presented by Hidmo Community Empowerment Project

Hidmo's history and its growth as a new urban hub of grassroots activism is an inspiration to many. We will demonstrate and model the Hidmo as an example of a people of color & immigrant centered space that is inclusive of all people. There will be real life scenarios and histories shared that demonstrate how cross cultural alliances have been made and sustained. Also, we will dialogue about localizing & personalizing global struggles, so that they are tangible to everyday people. Hidmo has over 75 community partners and allies, such as Vera Project, Reclaim the Media, 206 Zulu Nation, the Service Board, BAYAN-USA, and more ranging from local politicians to national grassroots organizations. Partnerships and allies include cultural artists and workers, such as Gabriel Teodros, Khingz, Rogue Pinay, Blue Scholars, and most especially artists from Ethopia, Eritrean, Philipines, Somalia, Haiti, Palestine, etc. Come share this rich story telling with us.

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted
presented by Riseup Networks with Reclaim the Media

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey