Free online tools can be used to win political campaigns: Sol Villarreal

“I was a field organizer for Obama up in Ohio for the general election and more recently I was the volunteer coordinator for the McGinn campaign for Mayor. To me, net neutrality really has to do with access to information and access to the ability to organize information. In Kentucky they made me the volunteer coordinator for out of state volunteers. Basically, using a Google spreadsheet we organized close to 1,500 volunteers to come to Kentucky from all parts of the country and knock on doors. I realized the power of these completely free online organizing tools and the deeper into the campaign I got the more I realized that this was a political force being run by college students and 20-somethings on laptops using free online tools and sharing information tools. It really stuck with me. The ability of people to organize themselves and how that affects their ability to access power. That to me is what net neutrality means.”

-- Sol Villarreal, Community Engagement Coordinator, Office of the Mayor, City of Seattle, comments to the FCC on preserving a fair and open Internet, Seattle 27 April 2010

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