FCC announces panelists for Apr 28 Open Internet hearing

Today the FCC announced the roster of expert panelists speaking at the April 28 open Internet workshop in Seattle. The public workshop will take place at 9:30am at the Federal Building in downtown Seattle. While attendees will be allowed to pose questions or comments only through written notecards, the workshop will also be streamed online, where viewers will be invited to comment via Twitter.

Panelists will include Seattle Chief Technology Officer Bill Schrier, and net neutrality opponent Carl Gipson from the Washington Policy Center, as well as academic researchers and corporate representatives. The public interest sphere will be represented by Gigi Sohn from the DC-based nonprofit Public Knowledge.

Here's the FCC's announcement in full:

The Federal Communications Commission's April 28 Open Internet workshop will include two panels addressing how the Internet's openness can best be preserved, including by examining historical and ongoing efforts to protect Internet openness in the U.S and other countries, and by discussing the key technological, economic, and legal considerations relevant to the need for and substance of the Commission's proposed open Internet policies. The first panel will focus on models for protecting the open Internet, including international approaches, and will include a discussion of the role of market forces in preserving or threatening Internet openness. The second will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of rules proposed by the Commission, and how they could be improved.

As previous workshops have shown, the Internet's openness is integral to the success of the online ecosystem, including by enabling innovation, investment, speech, democratic engagement, and consumer benefits. Panelists will address these issues across Internet access platforms, including mobile wireless broadband.

WHAT: Approaches to Preserving the Open Internet

WHEN: Wednesday, April 28, 9:30 am (Pacific)

WHERE: Jackson Federal Building
915 2nd Avenue
Seattle, Washington

ONLINE: www.openinternet.gov/workshops

Cole Brodman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, T-Mobile
Terry Davis, Technical Fellow, Boeing
Michael Geist, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa
Carl Gipson, Director for Small Business, Technology and Telecommunications, Washington Policy Center
Preston McAfee, Vice President and Research Fellow, Yahoo! Research
Barbara van Schewick, Assistant Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
Bill Schrier, Chief Technology Officer, City of Seattle
Mike Sievert, Chief Commercial Officer, Clearwire
Gigi Sohn, President and Co-Founder, Public Knowledge
Simon Wilkie, Chair, University of Southern California Economics Department

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