Audio and video of the Nov 07 Seattle FCC hearing


Big Media is Big Enough Already! This 2-hour DVD documents the best moments of Seattle's explosive and record-busting FCC Media Ownership hearing in November 2007. Features the voices of FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, state and federal elected officials, and most importantly, impassioned testimony from dozens of media democracy advocates from across the Northwest. Beautifully produced for Reclaim the Media by Pepperspray Productions. Order now! $13 postage paid.

Opening comments by Governor Christine Gregoire, Commissioners Copps, Adelstein and Martin, protest footage and testimony excerpts can be found at Reclaim the Media's YouTube page.

The Seattle Channel provides archived video of the hearing in five sections:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Online Video Service has video of the first few hours of the hearing archived here.

Portland Community Media got fantastic footage of the public testimony, as you gan see from these 9-minute excerpts:

Clip one includes (among others) Jim Bowman, Lila Kitaeff (Reel Girls/Pepperspray Productions) and Blair Anundson (WashPIRG).
Clip two includes David Ortiz, Bill Bachman, Sami Kubo (Reel Girls), and Amanda Cumbow (NW Hip-Hop Congress).
Clip three includes Bill Wipple (formerly KIRO radio), Rob Zverina, Jerome Edge (KSVR) and Sue Wilson.

Bill Moyers Journal did a characteristically good segment on the hearing and the media ownership issue.


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Complete (more or less) audio from the Seattle FCC Media Ownership hearing, 9 Nov 07 (recorded by KBCS, edited by RTM):

• Opening statements (stream/download)
• First panel (stream/download)
• Public testimony a (stream/download)
• Public testimony b (stream/download)
• Second panel (stream/download)
• Public testimony c (stream/download)
• Public testimony d (stream/download)
• Public testimony e (stream/download)
• Public testimony f (stream/download)
• Public testimony g (stream/download coming soon)
• Public testimony h (stream/download)

KBCS KBCS produced a 2-part presentation of selected testimony from the hearing, along with statements from commissioners, elected officials, and panelists. Listen now: part one/part two

Rob McCausland from the Alliance for Community Media is the first person to post audio recordings from the hearing. Rob also went to the trouble of logging speakers in the order in which they testified. Thanks for the fast work Rob! Check it out.

Hollow Earth Radio archived one of Reclaim the Media's final testimony workshops.

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