Expand Low-power FM in 2009!

Reclaim the Media is working together with the Prometheus Radio Project and community media supporters across the country to spread the word about the Local Community Radio Act (HR 1147/S592). This bill would dramatically increase community access to the public airwaves by allowing for thousands more low-power noncommercial radio stations to pop up across the country.

Take Action to support Local Community Radio!

Tell Congress to open up the airwaves by passing the Local Community Radio Act.

Steps for Taking Action:

  • Look up your Congressional Representative at Congress.org
  • Find out if they have already supported the Local Community Radio Act. See a list of cosponsors at govtrack.us and search for Bill number HR 1147 (info on support among Northwest Representatives is below).
  • Call the Congressional Switchboard at: (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Representative's office.
  • If your Representative is not a cosponsor tell him/her to support expanding Low Power FM all across the country and cosponsor the bill.
  • If your Representative is a cosponsor ask him/her to reach out to Congressional Leadership to let them know that this is an important priority around the county.

Prometheus will also be using Facebook and Twitter (#lpfm) to promote this call-in day. To collaborate, contact Alyssa@prometheusradio.org.

Northwest Congressional supporters of community radio (as of July 23)

In Washington State, three Representatives are currently cosponsoring the House bill:

  • Jay Inslee (D, WA-1)
  • Jim McDermott (D, WA-7)
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers R, WA-5)

The following Representatives in Washington are not yet sponsors of the House bill:

  • Brian Baird (D, WA-3)
  • Norm Dicks (D, WA-6)
  • Doc Hastings (R, WA-4)
  • Rick Larsen (D, WA-2)
  • Dave Reichert (R, WA-8)
  • Adam Smith (D, W-9)

No Representatives in Oregon or Idaho are currently cosponsoring the House bill. Let's get to work!

Washington Senator Maria Cantwell is the primary sponsor of the Senate bill, and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley is a cosponsor. We'll need to build support in the Senate too!

The Facts:

In 2000, the FCC established Low Power FM radio service and the same year Congress acted to limit LPFM, pending the results of an interference study. The results have come in clear: Low Power Radio should be expanded!

There are currently over 800 LPFM stations operated by schools, churches, civic groups, and other nonprofit organizations across the country. It is time for more communities to have the same opportunity to operate their own local radio station.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey