Dueling media conferences! AMC Detroit and ACM Portland

This month the calendar gods wreak havoc with those of us who think that media justice and community media belong together like Bert and Ernie... with the Allied Media Conference taking place in Detroit and the Alliance for Community Media meeting in Portland, both this weekend. Reclaim the Media will use our super media justice powers to be both places at once!

At the AMC in Detroit, I will join Andrea Quijada (New Mexico Media Literacy Project), Steven Renderos (Main Street Project) for a media justice/community organizing panel on How We Used the DTV Transition to Expand the Fight for Media Justice, and What’s Next. That's just one of several panels and workshops organized by members of the Media Action Grassroots Network (complete list here).

In Portland, RTM's Karen Toering is moderating a Saturday morning panel on Media Access: The Future of A Social Movement; other speakers include Steve Raineri (Quote Unquote, Albuquerque), Betty Yu (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) and Beth McConnell (Media and Democracy Coalition). From the workshop description:

For over 40 years, PEG access centers and community radio stations have provided a home for dialogue around local issues and community and neighborhood activities in large cities and small towns. Yet today among the movers and shakers in the national media advocacy movements these roots of the media advocacy tree are sometime forgotten or disregarded as irrelevant in our modern digital world. This workshop will serve as a place for dialogue about the importance of local media outlets particularly today as we see local newspapers shutting down, greater and greater centralization of control of content on commercial TV, radio, and even the ability to distribute content on the Internet being limited in some venues. What are the best ways to develop a coherent cohesive sustainable movement to not only preserve but also expand local noncommercial media outlets.

The new issues of the ACM's Community Media Review will be released at the Portland conference, organized around the theme "Free Speech Heroes," and will include several articles from RTM and our media justice allies from around the country (we'll provide a link when the issue is posted online).

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey