Davey D speaks at Hip Hop: Back to Its Roots, Nov 17-19

Oakland-based hip-hop journalist Davey Dreturns to Seattle this November to speak at Hip Hop: Back to Its Roots, a festival of hip-hop arts, dance, music and rapping featuring local and internationally celebrated performers including Isis (Toronto) and Spinderella. The festival runs Nov. 17-19 at Seattle's Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center. Co-sponsored by Reclaim the Media.

• Davey D on The Future of the Internet
• Davey D's coverage of the Los Angeles FCC Media Ownership hearing

In addition to the Hip Hop festival (details below), RTM is working with other community organizations to make the most out of Davey D's latest visit to Seattle. On Friday afternoon, Dave will meet with community radio public affairs staff and volunteers at KBCS 91.3fm, Then, after the festival's end, we're helping set up a brunch encounter between Davey D and some of Seattle's top up-and-coming hip hop artist/activists.

Hip Hop: Back to its Roots

8PM Main Show Performance
Tix: $12 Adult | $7 Youth

Tix: $5 Adult | $2 Youth

"Politics and Social Change" presented by Rajnii Eddins,
Gyasi Ross, Zulu Nation, & Davey D

"The Impact of Reggae on Hip-Hop" presented by
Jewell Walker & Jah Breeze w/special guests

"Hip-Hop Dance, an Interactive Introduction to Style" presented by Louie Praseuth

"Fashion and Its Relationship with Culture"

"Women in Hip-Hop" presented by Miz Floes, Felicia Loud, and Melissa Noelle Green

"Music Business - Success and Nothing Less" presented by Portionte Jamerson with special guest. From writing poetry to performing spoken word and hip-hop. Transforming the passion of marketing your project into a profession (publicity, logos, representations, etc.)

8PM Main Show Performance
Tix: $12 Adult | $7 Youth

1:00PM Art Walk

2:00PM Open Mic
Co-produced with Youth Speaks

3:30PM Fashion Show
Co-produced with Mac Productions and Diamond Life Presents... with special guest vocalist, Raven Rahn

5:00PM Competition
DJ, Spoken Word, Dance, MC. See rules and sign-up information.

Tix: $5 Adult | $2 Youth

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