Coverage leading up to the Seattle FCC hearing


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Press and Blog Coverage

FCC to choose Seattle for final hearing on media ownership (David Goldstein, Horses Ass, Oct 8)

The Conversation, KUOW-FM. Jonathan Lawson interviewed (Oct 19)

Last FCC Ownership hearing in Seattle? (Paul Riismandel, Media Geek, Oct 22)

Second battle of Seattle? FCC Democrats call short notice for Seattle hearing "outrageous" (Matthew Lasar, Lasar Letter Nov. 2)

FCC announces Seattle hearing to be held Friday (Seattle Times, Nov 3)

Headlong into the murk of media (Seattle Times editorial, Nov 4)

The full commission comes to Seattle (Geov Parrish, Horses Ass, Nov 4)

Democracy will be heard (Seattle Times editorial, Nov 6)

Please, please, please FCC (Lynne Varner, Seattle Times, Nov 7)

Q&A with Commissioner Michael Copps (, Nov 7)

Localism and diversity should be FCC's priority (Scott McCaughey, Seattle Times, Nov 8)

FCC should face reality (Mark Allen/WA Assn. of Broadcasters, Seattle Times, Nov 8)

The broadcasting industry's weak arguments on ownership (Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media, Nov 8)

Weekday, KUOW-FM. Guests include Frank Blethen/Seattle Times, Jonathan Lawson/Reclaim the Media, Mark Allen/WA Assn. of Broadcasters, Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein (Nov 8)

FCC in Seattle: time to listen (Seattle Times editorial, Nov 9)

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