'Big Media is Big Enough' this week on SCAN

This week, catch Reclaim the Media's "Big Media is Big Enough", a 26 minute co-production with SCAN Community Television. SCAN will air the program several times this week as Seattle prepares for an FCC Media Ownership hearing next Friday, November 9th at Town Hall. Read more for dates and times!

Hosted by Sarah Kuck and Jacqueline Moscou, "Big Media is Big Enough" examines the FCC's proposal to relax media ownership rules and the impact these decisions would have on local programming and the diversity of voices heard on our airwaves. The program will air on Seattle cable channels 77 (Comcast) and 23 (Millennium), as well as on scantv.org, at the following days/times:

Sunday, November 4th @ 1pm & 6pm
Monday, November 5th @ 2:30pm
Tuesday, November 6th @ Noon & 6pm
Wednesday, November 7th @8pm
Thursday, November 8th @ 12:30am

We'll be posting clips from the show, as well as from past FCC hearings in Seattle, to Reclaim the Media's YouTube channel. Also check out SCAN's awesome collection of clips from the 2006 Copps/Adelstein hearing in Seattle!

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey