Casa Latina, RTM and Seattle NOW tell CNN: stop Dobbs' media hate

Today, people across the US are telling CNN that their continued support for Lou Dobbs' on-air racism and misinformation is seriously harming their claim to be America's "most trusted name in news." This week, as CNN launches the 4-part miniseries Latino in America, three national campaigns are calling on CNN to rein in Dobbs' fearmongering harangues: Basta Dobbs, Drop Dobbs and Tell CNN Enough is Enough.

In Seattle, Casa Latina, Reclaim the Media, and the National Organization for Women (Seattle Chapter) have joined BastaDobbs' national call for CNN to stop broadcasting Dobbs' daily attacks on immigrants (Dobbs, meanwhile, is rumored to be considering a move to Fox. If CNN is sincere in their desire to woo Latino viewers, they should enthusiastically hand him his hat.)

Add your voice to the BastaDobbs campaign today!

lou dobbs hate message

This guy belongs with fox he's just another right wing hipocrit crazy as well as michael savage,limbough and all those right wing talk show host's.In case you ask yourself how do i know all these names it's because here in chicago there was no air america a couple years ago so i used to listen to these idiots.

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