Broadband Stimulus Watch: Thinktank : Broadband Stimulus Amount Woefully Inadequate

As broadband stimulus funds are beginning to be evaluated and distributed to initial grant winners, a report published by the communications think tank group Yankee Group is claiming that the $7.5 Billion allocated by be not nearly enough to elevate the country to the up echelon of broadband density.

From the Business Wire (via

“Achieving ubiquitous broadband in the U.S. will hasten economic recovery and put the nation back where it belongs in terms of technology leadership, but it will take a concerted effort on the part of all stakeholders,” says Vince Vittore, principal analyst at Yankee Group and author of the report. “A minimum of $24 billion is required, and that’s only if networks are deployed in the most efficient manner and much of the middle-mile infrastructure already is in place. While the stimulus is a good start, it’s just that: a start.”

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