Bellingham media activists on the move

This report/invitation from our friends in Bellingham:

Dear friend of community & independent media,

Thank you for attending and participating in the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center's first Bellingham Grassroots & Independent Media Conference! The conference was a great success, with almost 200 individuals in attendance and tremendous enthusiasm and support for local media projects.

We hope you'll be able to attend the first meeting of the newly forming group, Community Media Action, which will be held Monday, June 20th at 700 PM at the Co-op Connections Building in Bellingham. This meeting is intended as a follow-up to the ideas and issues raised at the conference, as well as a forum to strategize and organize for the future.

We'd like to discuss the objectives of Community Media Action, which hopefully can include working for media reform & access, providing a forum for community media-makers, and creating a space where media makers can their share knowledge.

Bring your ideas for how you'd like to see work on community media issues proceed, and a snack to share with others. This meeting is open to everyone, so please don't feel you have to have experience working in the media to attend or make a contribution to this work.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that most of the audio recorded at the conference has been posted at and is now available for free download. Follow the links below to download mp3 files of keynote speeches and most panels & workshops. We also encourage you to sign up for Reclaim the Media's listserve at if you are interested in following media reform and media justice issues regionally.

Thank you very much for your support of grassroots & independent media in our region!


Keynote Speech by Patrick Reinsborough of the smartMeme project: Winning the Battle of the Story: Creating a Culture of Change
Keynote Speech by Bert Sacks: Sanctions, War, Occupation and other Failures of the Media
Keynote Speech by filmmaker James Longley: Iraq in Fragments
Counter-recruiting workshop with Patrick Reinsborough
Building Online Community Networks workshop
Grassroots Organizing for Media Reform; Lessons from the National Conference for Media Reform workshop
Making the News panel discussion

Making Community Radio
panel discussion
Blogging in the Pacific Northwest panel discussion
Note: We still have more material to edit and post, so please check back for more at our website:

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