Add your voice: support digital inclusion and an open Internet!

In Seattle and across the United States, organizations working with people of color, poor communities, and other marginalized groups are raising our voices for rules that will defend an open Internet that is fast, affordable, and accessible to everyone. We know that open networks will create economic opportunity for our communities, and ensure that every idea--especially those of artists, advocacy organizations, and small businesses--has a chance. FCC Chairman Genachowski, FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Michael Copps, Senator Donna Edwards, and even President Obama agree.

But big Internet companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon argue that we don't need rules to protect an open Internet. They say that "net neutrality" guarantees will decrease their (already padded) profit margins. And they threaten that if their profits sag, then they won’t invest in expanding broadband in poor communities. Our communities should not have to choose between broadband access and Internet fairness.

If you represent an organization that cares about economic opportunity for marginalized communities and small businesses, download and save the pledge (English) (Spanish) to become a Digital Inclusion Champion. Type in your organizational information, then return by email.

If you're an individual or organization living or working in Seattle, add your voice to the Seattle Digital Justice Coalition!

Lift your voice, encourage the Federal Communications Commission to defend an open Internet. Our livelihoods and our right to communicate depends on it.


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