Press Coverage of Seattle Public FCC Hearing - 30 Nov 06

The FCC Gets an Earful in Seattle
by Bruce Rutledge, Chin Music Press [1 Dec]

Media Consolidation
by Nikchick/MySpace blog [1 Dec]

Owning the Media
by Paula Wissel, KPLU Tacoma [1 Dec]

Bad news for democracy: big media may get bigger
by Rick Bender, Washington State Labor Council [1 Dec]

A Lefty/Regulatory Gap
by Geov Parrish, Horses' Ass [1 Dec]

Hosts of public hearing don't want FCC to relax media-ownership rules
by Eric Pryne, The Seattle Times [30 Nov]

Media Consolidation Hearing in Seattle
The Conversation with Ross Reynolds, KUOW Seattle [30 Nov]

Take Control of YOUR Airwaves
by Michael J. Copps, The Seattle Times [29 Nov]

On Radio: smaller markets are being unloaded
by Bill Virgin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer [29 Nov]

Media, Democracy and the FCC
by Peter Rothberg, The Nation [26 Nov]

Hold the Line on Media Consolidation
by Ryan Blethen, The Seattle Times [24 Nov]

Who owns the media?
by Billy Joyce, Real Change Newspaper [24 Nov]

The FCC Comes Back
by Geov Parrish, Eat the State! [23 Nov]

Media Consolidation
by Josh Feit, Slog: The Stranger's blog [22 Nov]

Blogs providing extended coverage:
NW Progressive Institute

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