36th District Dems pass resolution opposing video franchise bill

Democrats in Washington's 36th Legislative District didn't waste any time responding to Qwest's video franchise bill (SB6003):


Whereas, the 36th District Democrats consider media and technology policy to be ‘the second issue’ in all our major policy battles;

Whereas, the 36th District Democrats have consistently taken a stand for strong public benefits in all cable television franchise agreements;

Whereas, the members of the 36th District Democratics appreciate and treasure our existing communications rights under state and federal legislation, and stand opposed to any restriction of our rights in the name of corporate greed;

Whereas, there is no evidence to support changes to our current system of awarding lucrative cable franchises at the local level, where community concerns and local needs are best understood and represented;

Whereas, Senate Bill 6003 and companion House Bill 1983 seek to eliminate local cable franchise authority and eliminate the public benefits of cable franchises the people of washington have come to enjoy for decades;

Be it resolved, the 36th District Democrats:

1. Urge all democratic party organizations in the state to oppose this regressive legislation and request their legislators to oppose it;

2. Request our state legislators from the 36th District to oppose this legislation as a naked corporate giveaway of our community rights under current state and federal legislation;

3. Urge all our members to tell friends and neighbors about this threat to our community and our communications rights, and urge them to call or write their legislators and friends in opposition to this bill.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey