Geov Parrish leaves the Seattle Weekly

by Michael Hood, Blatherwatch

Geov Parrish, local public radio broadcaster, and longtime lefty commentator, columnist and reporter for The Seattle Weekly, has resigned, quit or whatever euphemism one needs to use to say: he's outa there.

He joins Editor Knute Berger, and News Editor Chuck Taylor in the unemployment lines after a bloodbath (or at least a blood draw) promulgated by the takeover by corporate alternative paper conglom New Times. Veteran Political Editor George Howland has resigned as well, and is joining the staff of Seattle City Council President, Nick Licata.

Last day for everybody: tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 16th. They will be missed.

With the dismantling of the experienced news department, hard news and investigative reporting will obviously not be a priority in the new regime. We're wondering about the futures of hard news veterans Rick Anderson, Nina Shapiro and Phil Dawdy.

Radio fans of the fallen journalists can be assured that the on-air status quo will be maintained. Parrish will stay on his longtime weekly discussion show on KEXP (Saturdays 8:30-9) and his commentary on KBCS, Fridays at 4:30p.

Knute Berger may continue his Mossback column for The Weekly, and will most certainly stay on at KUOW's awesome though venerable Weekday panel on Fridays at 10a.

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