Buffalo follows Seattle and Philadelphia with Pro-Diversity Resolution

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Sponsored by: NABET-CWA #51025
and The Buffalo Newspaper Guild CWA #31026

WHEREAS freedom of the press and broad public access to a diverse range of information through the media are prerequisites for a functioning democracy; they are the very oxygen of democracy; and the broadcast airwaves and the internet are owned commonly by the public and should be managed to serve the public interest; and

WHEREAS adherence to the highest journalistic principles is a public trust; and the public interest is best served by the availability of a broadly diverse range of viewpoints; and media diversity and employment is seriously threatened by further consolidation of media ownership in the hands of fewer entities; and

WHEREAS the Federal Communications Commission is currently considering an unprecedented rollback of media ownership regulations which protect diversity and local accountability in our media; and the elimination or weakening of these regulations would likely reduce competition, local accountability, diversity of content, diversity of voices, and the amount and/or quality news coverage in broadcast and print media across the country, while providing windfall profits for a small handful of corporate media owners; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that citizens in a democracy require public access to a diverse range of media voices and messages in order to participate fully in our community

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey