Justifce department to take up antitrust review of Comcast-NBC deal

by Cecilia Kang, Washington Post

Justice Dept. to take up antitrust review of Comcast-NBC deal

Comcast's proposed $30 billion merger with NBC Universal will be reviewed by the Justice Department for potential antitrust violations, according to sources. The merger will also be reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission for the transfer for broadcast licenses and to see how the union could affect the public.

Every merger goes through an antitrust review by either Justice or the Federal Trade Commission. According to sources familiar with the decision, Justice's antitrust division will head up the job of determining how the deal will impact competition in the video, cable and media industries.

The deal marries the nation's largest cable and broadband Internet operator with a media giant with one out of every five hours of television content under its roof.

Public interest groups and FCC member Michael Copps have expressed concern that the merger would result in too much consolidation in the media industry.

Copps and lawmakers have also expressed concern that a distributor of content could have the incentive to prioritize its own content over that of other media outlets.

article originally published at Washington Post.

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