Items concerning the Northwest Community Radio Network

Amy Goodman to keynote September conference

It's confirmed: Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) will be the keynote speaker for the Northwest Community Radio Summit, to be held Sept. 15-17 in Seattle.

Community radio station representatives in the Northwest are invited to get involved with planning summit activities. Contact us to get involved!

Envisioning the future of great radio in the Northwest

Community radio: we’re not Clear Channel; we’re not NPR. Our broadcasts, though local and ephemeral, are the wild beating heart of North American radio today. But what if we formed a network of our own - a grassroots, cooperative network of community stations in our region?

Stations across our region are organizing to help each other make great(er) radio. On May 22, 2005, Reclaim the Media and KBCS hosted an initial planning meeting at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Community and college radio broadcasters came together from as far away from Ashland, OR, Moscow, ID and Vancouver, BC to brainstorm about the possibilities of working together; by the end of the day we made it official: forming together the Northwest Community Radio Network.

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NWCRN: The story so far...

What's the deal with the Northwest Community Radio Network?

After an initial planning meeting in spring 2005 (see below), various station representatives and media activists around the northwest have continued thinking and talking about collective next steps toward building a network that can support our region's local, nonprofit radio stations in doing better what we already do well, and strengthening the sphere of people-powered community radio. We contacted and surveyed the needs of stations from Alaska, BC, Washington, Idaho and Oregon, and established a (low activity) organizing email list (signup at left).

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Presenting... the Northwest Community Radio Network

On Sunday, May 22, some of our region's most creative and inspiring community radio producers met at Western Washington University in Bellingham to discuss an exciting idea whose time appears to have come: the creation of a regional community radio network, linking noncommercial stations from Alaska to Oregon.

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A Regional Community Radio Network

The Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alaska for our purposes) is full of active community radio stations including FMs, AMs, LPFMs, pirate stations and Internet broadcasters. These stations are often very connected to their local communities, they're disconnected from one another. Commuity radio collaborations are few and far between, and ongoing relationships are extremely rare. This is too bad, because large and small stations have so much to learn from each other--as do urban and rural stations, Canadian and US stations, etc.

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