Listen Up! Northwest: Trash, Waste and Stuff

RTM note: We present an encore presentation of a program originally aired in 2008. We're taking a break to get ready for our next season of shows. We'll be back with new shows at the end of January. Listen Up! Northwest features stories about people's relationship with our environment.! This week, Listen Up! Northwest dives into stories on trash, garbage, waste and "stuff."

Segments include:

* Marine researchers are finding that a lot of the world's plastic trash is collecting in a giant swath of sea 1,000 miles off of the west coast. (Don Wolfe, KBOO Portland)
* The Seattle City Council passed an initiative to charge for disposable bags in supermarkets - but the bag industry is fighting back. (Orli Cotel, Sierra Club Radio)
* What can you do with construction debris? Learn from a someone who's in the business of de-construction as opposed to demolition. (Ryan White, KBOO Portland)
* Don't let food that's perfectly edible go to waste. A look at food rescue (Martha Baskin, KBCS Seattle)
* Annie Leonard on the dubious correlation between stuff and happiness. (Daphne Wysham, Earthbeats)

Music by Aja West and the Mackrosoft, Blue Cranes, Daniel Anderson, and DJ B-Girl. Copy editor: Robbin Block. Host: Yuko Kodama.

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Listen Up! NW is produced by Yuko Kodama at KBCS for Reclaim the Media, and distributed by the Northwest Community Radio Network.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey