A grassroots radio organizing success: NW community radio summit wraps up

The Northwest Community Radio Summit ended on a high note on Sunday, Sept 17. Some 150 energetic, dedicated and creative community radio activists represented stations from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Oregon for a weekend of skill-sharing workshops, discussions of media policy activism, community media's role in supporting grassroots hip-hop and more. The weekend summit's main purpose was the organizing of a regional community radio network. Attendees did an incredible amout of work towards that goal--making plans to deepen organizing and outreach over the next year, and sketching out a web-based content sharing system, plans for collaborative public affairs production, and other shared projects. Stay tuned - Reclaim the Media will prepare a more detailed report on conference accomplishments in the days to come. Until then, enjoy these photos from the conference, or download keynote remarks by David and Amy Goodman and Lt. Ehren Watada (streaming mp3s). UPDATE: more audio here, plus local Independent media coverage of the hip-hop plenary and the keynote event, and the whole summit, plus the streaming slideshow (wmv) shown at Town Hall.

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