Outreach email and PSA text for Seattle FCC hearing

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Subject: This Friday, Fight Media Consolidation! FCC Hearing in Seattle

Dear friend,

* The FCC is getting ready to give Big Media corporations even more control over what we see and hear.
The FCC's final official public hearing will be Friday Nov 9, at Town Hall Seattle.
* This is the big one - We can stop the FCC in its tracks by showing up in force this Friday and speaking out for diverse and locally accountable media.
* Reclaim the Media is running workshops all week for folks who want to testify.

What's happening and what's at stake?

The FCC is about to rewrite the federal media ownership rules to give more power to Big Media companies like Clear Channel and Murdoch's News Corp. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin even wants to allow a single company to combine local newspaper, TV and radio stations under one roof - and under single editorial control. These changes would further devastate on-air diversity, quality journalism, local news and culture --and our ability to hold media accountable to community values.

But this week, we have a rare chance to fight back. The FCC is holding the last of just six public hearings nationwide on the issue at Seattle's Town Hall this Friday, Nov. 9, from 4pm to 11pm. This will be our only chance to weigh in on proposals that would allow giant media companies to grow even more concentrated.

What can I do?

1. Plan to attend the hearing. We need to send the FCC - and Congress - a powerful message that the Northwest wants less corporate media consolidation, not more.

2. Testify. It's a public hearing - anyone can sign up to get on the mic and give their 2-minute prepared testimony.

3. Sharpen your testimony or just find out more at a pre-hearing workshop:

Tues, Nov 6, 7:30pm at Hidmo Restaurant (20th and Jackson, Seattle; 14/48 bus)
Tues, Nov 6, 7:30pm at Golden Gardens Park Bathhouse (8499 Seaview Place, Seattle);
Weds. Nov 7, 7pm at Lee House at NewHolly (7315 39th Ave S., Seattle)
Thurs. Nov 8, 7:30pm at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center (17th and Jackson, Seattle; 14/48 bus)

4. Tell your networks, friends, family and co-workers. The FCC leadership doesn't care about hearing our voices -- so its up to us to demand their attention. We need to overwhelm the FCC with authentic public voices that care about local culture, local politics, diverse views and voices. They gave us just five business days' notice, so we have very little time to get organized. Spread the word!

5. Stay informed. This issue isn't going away after this week. We don't just want to stop the bad rule changes. We want more media in the hands of people of color and women; more local news and local music on the air, and a range of voices that's as diverse as America. Visit reclaimthemedia.org or stopbigmedia.com for more information.

Get more information and spread it around:

Seattle FCC Hearing flyer (pdf)
Bigger Media, Bad Idea (pdf)
Media Control is Not a Partisan Issue (pdf)
RTM videos from previous Seattle hearing
Links to still more info

Want to volunteer on the day or the hearing, or help distribute flyers this week? Contact susan at reclaimthemedia.org.

Your contributions help Reclaim the Media continue organizing for media justice and media democracy!

PSA script for public and community radio:

The Federal Communications Commission is again attempting to rewrite America's media ownership rules. Potentially, companies could be allowed to own more TV and radio stations, giving us more commercialism, less independent journalism and music, and fewer diverse voices on the air.

The FCC will hold a public hearing on the issue at Town Hall Seattle on Friday, November 9th, from 4-11 pm, giving you an opportunity to voice your opinion. That's the FCC public hearing on media ownership, Friday, November 9th, from 4-11 pm, at Town Hall Seattle. More information on these issues, as well as this public FCC hearing and how you can testify, is available online at RECLAIM THE MEDIA DOT ORG.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey