Summit panel details

Conference panelists and panel descriptions for the NW Community Radio Summit. What a lineup! read on for panel descriptions; here also is a workshop schedule grid for Saturday panels and workshops.

Northwest Community Radio Summit, Seattle Sept 15-17 2006


Northwest Hip Hop Culture
Luvva J, KAOS; Gabriel Teodros, KBCS; Will Johnson, KSUB; Sacha Starr, KMIH; B-Girl Chillz, OseaO Internet Radio; Gordon Curvey, Music Inner City; Noni Shanay, Coolout Network; Silent Lambs Project; dRED.i; Dr. Daudi Abe, Seattle Central Community College

Moderator Charles Mudede (The Stranger) leads a discussion on the role of independent media in cultivating economy, community, and authenticity in Hip Hop culture. This panel, a collaboration between some of the most foundational grassroots media outlets in Northwest Hip Hop culture, presents a crucial perspective in the struggle for media democracy and its implications for the youth of today and tomorrow.

Radio as a Tool for Change
Pete Tridish, Prometheus Radio Project; Kate Sheppard, community media researcher and activist; Ryan Tompkins, Free Radio Olympia;
Ani Haines, KBOO

We all agree on what community radio is NOT- it’s not a passive, entertainment for maintaining the status quo. But how can we best use the power of the airwaves to really make a difference? What role does activism play at your station? What role is radio playing in social justice movements around the world and in your community?

The Art of the Interview
Callie Shanafelt, KBCS; Joaquin Uy, KBCS

Whether you're a Music Programmer or a Public Affairs reporter/producer, getting your community's voices on the air means learning to get the most out of your interviews. How to ask those questions your listeners want to know? How do you encourage folks who aren't used to public speaking? How do you keep the interview on track? All this and more…

The Art of the Interview, Part II
Callie Shanafelt, KBCS; Joaquin Uy, KBCS

This session is a practicum designed to put to use the new tools you've learned in The Art of the Interview, Part I

Upcoming Full Power Licensing Window: What's in it for your Station?
Todd Urick, Common Frequency; Sakura Saunders, Common Frequency; Michael Brown, Brown Broadcast Services

A rare and exciting opportunity is fast approaching. How the FCC’s full-power licensing window works, how you can prepare, and how you will be affected.

Running a Volunteer News Department
Bruce Wirth, KSER; Leigh Robartes, KRFP; Margo Robb, WORT

Public Affairs in community radio means different people with different interests, different levels of experience and differences of opinion. So how do you make your Public Affairs department sing?

Production Primer 1&2
Sarah Gustavus, KBCS; Pete Graff, KBCS

A full morning dedicated to learning the basics of audio editing for radio. By the end of this series you will be a fledgling radio producer. Why wait?

Building a Music Library
Gavin Dahl, KAOS; Jamie Hoover,KUGS; Ava Hegedus, KPSU; Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo, KBCS

You can’t play what you don’t have. Community and student stations can build awareness and representation of alternative voices by finding airtime for music that is outside the bounds of commercial radio. This panel looks at how to foster relationships with artists, labels, promoters, and servicers.

Student leadership in Community/College Radio
Gavin Dahl, KAOS; Oliver Anderson, KUGS; Jenn Hartman, KUGS;

Community radio is about re-inventing the familiar in new and unexpected ways. Who better than students to lead the way with energy and insights that others may be too habituated to see?

Producing for FSRN
Leigh Robartes, KRFP; Martha Baskin, independent radio-producer; Julie Sabatier, KBOO

Free Speech Radio News is a worker run news collective open to reporters from community and student stations around the world. Leigh, Martha and Julie will share their experiences as FSRN reporters and show how you, too, could be a part of FSRN.

Streaming, Podcasting
Amoshaun Toft, University of Washington; Jeremy Lansman, KWMD; Jeff Hoyt, Voice of Vashon

Your station’s programming can reach around the world if you offer it as a computer stream. And by podcasting, you make it available to additional listeners, when they want it, as often as they want it. But how?

PSA's: Meaningful Messages to Build Your Community
Rip Robbins,KSVR Joseph McGuire, KSVR

Public Service Announcements can provide a way, not only for listeners to learn about events and organizations, it can provide the basis for growing a mutually beneficial relationship between your station and the community it serves. Make your PSA’s worker harder and better.

Media Democracy & Media Justice
Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media; Pete Tridish, Prometheus Radio Project; Sharon Maeda, Spectra Communications

What you need to know about the latest battles for media democracy and justice and what you can do to help. Also, learn about the latest threats to LPFM.

The Good the Bad and the Indecent: Legal Issues Q & A
Larry Hildes, attorney; Pete Tridish, Prometheus Radio Project

New FCC indecency regulations, licensing fines for pirate stations, fair-use and much, much more…

Musican Panel: What can Community Radio do to support local music
Jim Page, Silver Shadow, Datri Bean

College and community radio stations typically boast that we support local and independent musicians. Are we in fact fulfilling this mission? Hear what some area musicians have to say about how we could do a better job at supporting and fostering musicians in our communities.

Youth in Community Radio
Robin Carneen, KSVR; Jerome Edge, KSVR; Erin Yanke, KBOO, Shawn Biggers, KBOO

Does your station have a youth radio program? Do you air programs that young people want to hear? Come learn how you can help youth feel welcome and supported to make radio at your station.

A Historic Overview of Microradio
Free Radio Olympia

Intersections Between Indymedia Radio and Community Radio
Portland Indymedia

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey