Note to station managers and online listeners of Listen Up! NW

Launched in spring 2008, Listen Up! Northwest has covered regional issues for more than two years, presenting independent producers' compelling takes on immigration rights, food justice, sustainability, economic issues, war, sports and media, among other topics.

Unfortunately, the program has been unable to raise the funds to launch a third year this fall. New production has been in hiatus since August 1; a final new program will be distributed in the next week or so, and that will be it.

For stations wishing to continue airing program reruns for a period of time or indefinitely, please do! Nearly every episode of Listen Up! Northwest is designed to be evergreen, or non-date-specific.

We've been gratified to hear from a number of stations that airing Listen Up! Northwest has inspired them to air additional programming from regional neighbor stations and independent producers, or introduced them to new radio voices from our region. Indeed, one of our primary goals in launching the program was to increase collaboration among stations.

Thanks to the many NW radio folks who helped steer the development of Listen Up! Northwest, and to the stations who were able to help support the program financially. Our thanks also go to the J-Lab New Voices program and to the Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media, who provided crucial financial support for the program. Last but certainly not least, thanks to the community of producers, from Alaska to California and beyond, who made the program's first two years so compelling. Each week we have been thrilled to share your creations with a regional audience.

Finally, thanks to our host and producer Yuko Kodama, who brought to Listen Up! Northwest great production skills, clear vision and powerful devotion to community radio. We're confident that greater things lie ahead for her as a journalist and producer.

Reclaim the Media remains dedicated to the cause of expanding and supporting independent community radio in the Northwest and everywhere. We look forward to future media collaborations!

Jonathan Lawson
Executive Director
Reclaim the Media

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey