Radio Network Conference Call this Friday, March 2nd at 10am

Community Radio organizing is off and running in 2007!

The interim decision making body for network planning discussion is the Network Organizing Committee. Participating stations are encouraged to select one representative at a time to be part of the organizing committee.

In an effort to move the network forward, early priorities include participating in monthly phone meetings, structuring future collaborations, establishing policy that addresses content-sharing and collaborative productions, and designing future gatherings.

This interim body will also be responsible for fundraising for and hiring a network coordinator.

The committee will distribute an interim report July 1 to all participants. The committee will either formally launch the NW Community Radio Network "operational phase" along with a new organizational structure, or will vote to give itself a 90-day extension to complete the launch.


March 2nd   -conference call
April 6th     -conference call
May 4th      -conference call
June 1st      -conference call, review draft of NWCRN Interim Report
July 6th      -conference call, vote on transition to "Operational Phase"

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