Missoula's ouRevolution Radio is ready for full power

Former Missoulians Mary Kathryn Rountree and Leigh Robartes (of Free Radio Moscow) want everyone to know about this exciting project in Missoula--a community radio station which hopes to take advantage of the FCC's upcoming full-power noncommercial radio licensing window:

The revolution may not be televised, but broadcasting it over the radio is another matter altogether. And with ouRevolution Radio, local David Max is working to bring both revolution and evolution to Missoula’s airwaves.

The time is ripe for launching a noncommercial, full-power, community FM radio station that would broadcast throughout Missoula, he says...

With a preliminary engineering study in hand, a name and a budding support network, Max is now taking ouRevolution Radio to the next level by broadening public involvement and organizing a fund-raising campaign to finance a final engineering study that will pin down the details necessary to actually obtain a station permit.

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