Listen Up Northwest program 17: People displaced

Listen Up! Northwest program 17 features Northwest stories of people displaced.

Segments include:
* Jessica Partnow takes us to Seattle's industrial core to rediscover the traditional home of the Duwamish people. (Jessica Partnow, Common Language Project Seattle)
* Manifest Destiny and the Doctrine of Discovery are still being applied today as global warming affects our northern geography. (Robin Carneen, KSVR Mt. Vernon)
* Thousands of legal refugees to the United States are on deportation lists to be sent back. We listen to some stories from the Khmer community. (Yuko Kodama, KBCS Seattle)
* How can one fall victim to human trafficking? We listen to a first hand hand account of a woman who had been sold into the industry. (Callie Shanafelt, KBCS Seattle)
* The City of Seattle has been sweeping up informal homeless encampments due to neighborhood complaints. In response, homeless Seattleites formed an encampment named after the City's mayor. (Marlin Hathaway, SCAN TV Seattle)

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Listen Up! NW is produced by Yuko Kodama at KBCS for Reclaim the Media, and distributed by the Northwest Community Radio Network.

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