Listen Up Northwest Program 97: Bullying in Schools

* This week, we feature people dealing with bullying in schools.

Hear the experiences of a high school student who had been a victim of bullying and two of the people who are working to eliminate it from schools. (Theryn Kigvamasuvasti, Voices of Diversity, KBCS - Bellevue/Seattle, WA)

Kathy Fall, a librarian at two Mount Vernon schools talks about how school administration may unknowingly fuel the act of bullying. (Dave McConnell, Speak Up! Speak Out!, KSVR - Mt Vernon, WA)

Alberta Canada passed anti-bullying legislation in 2003. Weâll listen to how it works and the experiences of a long-time victim. (Christian Durrand, Directions, CJSR - Edmonton, Alberta)

Music by No Luck Club and DJ B Girl. Copy editor: Robbin Block. Host: Yuko Kodama

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