Listen Up Northwest Program 91: Northwest People And Their Craft

Listen Up Northwest program 91: Northwest People And Their Craft

This week, we look at the craft of some people in our community.

* Jim Moore has been a commercial fisherman in Alaska for 34 years. He talks about his job and why he enjoys it. (Ed Mays, Insight Passage Productions - Haines, AK)

* Pendleton Oregon is home to one of the finest saddle makers in the country. We visit the person behind renowned Hanley saddles. (Anna King, Northwest News Network - Richland, WA)

* Ramon Cortez is one of the only Quinceanera coaches in the state of Alaska. We go along with him to experience one of these unique celebrations. (Rebecca Sheir, WAMU Washington D.C.)

* Ned Batchelder bands hummingbirds so scientists can track them. In this piece, we hear what it’s like to work with hummingbirds. (Anna King, Northwest News Network - Richland, WA)

* Listen to, rather than see, the sounds of the northern lights in Alberta, Canada (Barrett Golding, Hearing Voices - Bozeman, MT)

Music by The Correspondents, Parker, Blue Scholars, Byron Au Yong and DJ B Girl. Copy editor: Robbin Block. Host: Yuko Kodama

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