Listen Up Northwest Program 87: Our Culture and Climate Change

Listen Up Northwest program 87: Our Culture and Climate Change

This week, we look at how our cultural values are inherently linked to climate change.

* Author Colin Beavan chronicled his year long, green lifestyle change to see what it was like to live a no impact life. He and his family turned off the power, didn't use motorized transportation or produce trash, and only ate food produced within 250 miles from their 9th floor apartment in New York City. (Linda Olson Osterlund, A Deeper Look, KBOO, Portland, OR)

* British journalist, author environmentalist and co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project, Paul Kingsnorth talks about our cultural values and its inherent link with climate change. (Alex Smith, Ecoshock Radio, Vancouver, BC)

Music by The Correspondents, Prkr and DJ B-Girl Copy editor: Robbin Block. Host: Yuko Kodama.

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