Listen Up Northwest Program 86: Women Then and Now

Listen Up Northwest program 86: Women Then and Now

This week, we look at some of the women who fought hard for women's rights and how women's roles continue to evolve.

* Anne Marie Roke brings us a new take on the suffragettes. (Anne Maria Roke, Yinradio, KRFP, Moscow, ID)

* Jessica Hawkinson fights fires side-by-side with her father and brothers. She shares her unique perspective about working on the line. (Sandi Billings, Yinradio, KRFP, Moscow, ID)

* Dmae Roberts spent a week at a girls' rock and roll camp and brings us an audio collage of the activities. (Dmae Roberts, Studio 360, Portland, OR)

Music by Choklate, WD4D, the Buttersprites, Canary Sing and DJ B Girl. Copy editor: Robbin Block. Host: Yuko Kodama

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