Listen Up Northwest program 85: Green Collar Jobs

Listen Up Northwest program 85: Green Collar Jobs

When President Barack Obama took office, he touted "Green Jobs" as a way for the U.S. to create more employment opportunities while simultaneously making businesses, homes and the national electrical grid more energy efficient. We look at how the "greening of jobs" is going in the Northwest.

* We revisit Van Jones' testimony before a Congressional committee on energy independence and global warming. (Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock, - Vancouver, BC)

* We check in on Washington State efforts to ensure that green job opportunities benefit those who need them the most. (Martha Baskin, Green Acre Radio, KBCS - Seattle, WA)

* Green job advocates in Portland are working to make sure that green jobs go to women, minorities, immigrants and youth. (Khanh Pham, Andrew Stelzer and Tena Rubio, Making Contact, National Radio Project – San Francisco, CAi>)

Music by Daniel Anderson, DJ Sabzi, Mako,Aiko Shimada and DJ B-girl. Copy editor: Jonathan Lawson. Host/Producer: Yuko Kodama.

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