Listen Up Northwest program 76: Olympics

Listen Up! Northwest program 76 This week's Listen Up! Northwest takes a critical look at the Olympic Games and their effect on Vancouver and BC communities. Indigenous groups protest the construction of Olympic venues on unceded territory. Planned demonstrations are up against strict message control exercised by Olympics organizers and the media. And the Olympics will see the largest military and police presence on Canada's west coast since the end of the World War II. What will happen to these security systems after the games are over? These stories and more this week on Listen Up! Northwest.

* Some indigenous groups protest what they say has been the theft of their land and resources to construct Olympic-related venues and projects (Adam Vaughn, One World Report, KBCS – Seattle, Washington)

* Aaron Chubbs recordings of Olympic protesters as the torch passed through Edmonton (Aaron Chubbs, CJSR – Edmonton, Alberta)

* Vancouver organizations are taking a hard look at the ways in which Olympic organizers are attempting to control political messages and potential protests during the international competition. (Emily Aspinwall, Stark Raven Collective – Vancouver, British Columbia)

* James Corbett interviews BC's Kevin Annett for a look at what Vancouver looks like on the street just before the Olympics. (James Corbett, The Corbett Report – Japan)

* The Vancouver Olympics will bring out the largest military and police presence on Canada's west coast since the end of the World War II. Some wonder what will happen to these security systems once the Olympics end. (Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock – British Columbia)

Music by No Luck Club, WD4D, Aja West and the Mackrosoft and DJ B-Girl. Copy editor: Robbin Block. Host: Yuko Kodama.

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