Listen Up Northwest program 74: Quality of Life in Schools

Listen Up! Northwest program 74 This week we look at how arts, music and strategic thinking transform the lives of students and teachers alike.

* The Young Playwrights Program and Festival gives youth the chance to write plays and see their work performed. Learn more about the youth and educators behind its recent season. (Yuko Kodama, KBCS - Seattle, WA)

* Garfield High School's jazz program wins national competitions and has performed at Lincoln Center. Director Clarence Acox speaks about what makes it beat. (Elaine Hayes and Yuko Kodama, KBCS Seattle, WA)

* The Village Free School in Portland offers a program where students create their own curriculum and may even be involved in the contracts with their educators. Julie Sabatier takes you to meet the educators and students at the school. (Julie Sabatier, Destination DIY, Portland, OR)

Music by Blue Scholars, Garfield High School Jazz Band, Andy Combs and DJ B-Girl. Copy editor: Robbin Block.

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