Listen Up! Northwest program 58: Waste

Listen Up! Northwest is a collaboratively produced radio magazine featuring stories of communities in action throughout the Northwest. Each broadcast highlights the work of skilled community radio producers and artists from our region, including Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

On this week's show: Taking out the trash is nothing like it was fifty years ago. Hear Heather Rogers, who's made a study of it, tell it like it is today. (Mike McCormick, Mind Over Matters, KEXP Seattle)

The Re-Store puts a new spin on the old practice of demolition to restoration in Bellingham and Seattle, Washington. (Karen Erickson, Seein' Green, KSER Everett)

Flushing expired medications down the toilet is bad for the environment. Find out why and how to dispose of them safely. (Karen Erickson, Seein' Green, KSER Everett)

Oil is dripping into our oceans and having a negative effect on the food we eat. And it's not just from oil tankers. (Martha Baskin, Green Acre Radio, KBCS Bellevue/Seattle)

Music by DJ B-Girl, No Luck Club and Aja West and the Mackrosoft.

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Listen Up! NW is produced by Yuko Kodama at KBCS for Reclaim the Media, and distributed by the Northwest Community Radio Network.

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