Listen Up Northwest program 40: Media and Women

Listen Up! Northwest program 40 features discussions about media and women.

First, an interview with Eddy Hilyard, former CEO of women's radio network Greenstone Media. Reflecting on her decades of experience, dhe speaks about women in the media industry. (Brittany Peralt, Yinradio-KRFP, Moscow, ID)

Jennifer Pozner is a journalist and critic on media messages and pop culture. Featured are segments of her interview with KBOO radio. (Katherine Stevenson, Radiozine-KBOO, Portland)

Music by DJ B-Girl, Electron Love Theory and the Buttersprites.

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Listen Up! NW is produced by Yuko Kodama at KBCS for Reclaim the Media, and distributed by the Northwest Community Radio Network.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey