Listen Up Northwest Program 100: Hip Hop: More Than Music

* This week, we look at Hip Hop's culture and its roots in calling for social justice.

Listen to segments of an interview with hip hop artist Gabriel Teodros. (Yuko Kodama, Reclaim the Media - Seattle, WA)

Emcee Hollis Wong Wear shares her take on hip hop as part of a social justice movement (Yuko Kodama, Reclaim the Media - Seattle, WA)

Hear segments of an interview on Rap versus Spoken Word featuring Laura "Piece" Kelley.(Callie Shanafelt, Voices of Diversity, KBCS - Seattle)

Mic Flont, a youth educator interviews some participants in his program about what hip hop means to them (Mic Flont, Youngstown All Access Program - Seattle, WA)

We listen to a special segment of an interview with DJ King Khazm (Eric Kong, KBCS - Seattle, WA)

Music by DJ B Girl, Aaron Walker Loud, DJ King Khazm, Canary Sing, Gabriel Teodros, Inkubiz, WD4D, No Luck Club, Blue Scholars, Laura "Piece" Kelley, Sabrina Da Witch, Boca Floja, Fato Criminal and Sleepwalkers and Manik 1derful.
Copy Editor: Robbin Block, Host and Producer: Yuko Kodama.

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