Listen Up! Northwest: Evergreen Shows

These Listen Up episodes feature shows that can be aired indefinitely and those which are current as of fall, 2010. This list is a work in progress. The date next to the title indicates when the show first aired.

Shows that are evergreen (episodes which can be re-aired indefinitely)
Program #5: Food first aired 7/08
Program #9: Japanese American Experience first aired 8/08
Program #10: Wildlife first aired 8/08
Program #16: Access to Healthy Foods first aired 10/08
Program #18: Families first first aired 10/08
Program #20: Civil Rights first aired 10/08
Program #22: Our Influence On Our Environment first aired 11/08
Program #23: Education and Learning first aired 11/08
Program #25: Media Diversity first aired 12/08
Program #27: Global Warming in Kivalina, Alaska first aired 12/08
Program #28: Fur Seals on the Bering Sea first aired 12/08
Program #30: Healthcare Disparities first aired 1/09
Program #31: Teen Dating Violence first aired 1/09
Program #33: Inauguration first aired 1/09 (this may be best in historical context. Note that Roberto Maestas who is featured in this episode has passed fall, 2010 - you may want to indicate this.
Program #36: Children and Media first aired 2/09
Program #37: Urban Farms first aired 2/09
Program #42: Ravens first aired 4/09
Program #43:Canada's Local Grain CSA first aired 4/09
Program #44: Spiritual Headdress: The Hijab and the Sikh Turban first aired 4/09
Program #48: Spirituality first aired 5/09
Program #49: Language first aired 6/09
Program #50: A Thousand Paper Cuts first aired 6/09
Program #51: Northwest Native Americans Today first aired 6/09
Program #53: Killer Whales first aired 7/09
Program #55:Considering Whiteness first aired 7/09
Program #59: Global Economics and Climate Change first aired 9/09
Program #60: Journalism first aired 9/09
Program #61: Alaska Youth first aired 10/09
Program #62: Wolves first aired 9/09
Program #63:The Hmong and the Secret War first aired 10/09
Program #64:The Slave Next Door first aired 10/09
Program #68: Biotechnology first aired 11/09
Program #69: There's No Place Like Home 11/09
Program #100: Hip Hop and its roots in social justice first aired 9/10

Shows that are still current:
Program #1:(Untitled) first aired 6/08
Program #3: Motherhood first aired 7/08
Program #14:Gender and Sex 9/08
Program #35: Farmed Salmon in British Columbia 2/09
Program #39: Farmers Markets in Canada first aired 3/09
Program #66: Post Carbon Transportation first aired 10/09

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